Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another visit to Motts

Well today we had our OB appt, ultrasound and met with the neurosurgeon.  The pediatric neurosurgeon that we met with, actually has spinal bifida herself, how cool is that. She is someone who knows first hand what we can expect with little Avery. She talked to us about what to expect after delivery, with the different surgeries that Avery may need. She also answered some question that I had about delivery. I will be able to deliver naturally as long as the hydrocephalus isn't so bad that she won't fit through the birth canal. They will allow me to labor on my own, if I go into labor early they will be ready for that as well. This was good news as I didn't really know if they would induce or only do a c-section.
During the ultrasound we found that the hydrocephalus has got a little worse, but nothing the doctors are concerned about. We got a good picture of baby's spine today and could see where it actually splits. It starts at lumbar 2 and goes all the way down to sacral 5. This basically means that  the vertabrae from L2 never went back together. The spine is like a zipper, so its zipped from the top of the spine to L2 and unzipped the rest of the way down the spine. Avery is still moving both of her legs, which is fantastic. Her left foot is clubbed, which we knew from the last ultrasound, but they could also see that the right foot is starting to turn in as well. We were at the hospital from 9:30am until 4pm. It was a long day. Our next appt is on March 24th for another OB appt and utrasound.