Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Friday, August 24, 2012

Life in the fast lane

                                                           Avery before surgery
                                                              Madi and mommy
                                                      Great-Grandma Dollie and Avery
                                                                     And After
                                                                Grandma's new room

Life has continued to keep us on our toes. Avery and I made it back from California. She has been doing pretty well so far. She got another UTI which was so bad this time she had bleeding. August 14th she had surgery. A Urethra Dialation, which will help with the UTI and kidney infections. So far so good. We have added to our family. Grandma Dollie moved in last week. She is 87 years old.  She lost her significant other on August 12th to pneumonia. Grandma needed  to be with family at this time, since I'm home throughout the day, we thought this would be good for her. We fixed up a room with new paint and furniture, so she would feel she had a place of her own. Madison made the freshman volleyball team and has already had one game. She is the setter for the team and very good at it. The boys are looking forward to school starting which will be on September 4th, as I am too.