Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lovin the beach

                                                        Getting ready for the pool
        Grandma and Avery

                                                             My sister, Avery and I
                                                            My niece Lily and Avery
                                                           My nephew Atticus and Avery

                         Greyson, my nephew would put these glasses on and make Avery laugh

So I posted how Avery hadn't been feeling well. I was planning on going to my sisters for a couple days from Tuesday to Thursday. Monday evening Loma Linda Children's Hospital calls me and asked me to bring Avery back to the E.R. ASAP.  I asked why, they said because she has high amount of yeast in her bladder. I was a little confused since this has happened before and the doctors usually just give an antibiotic. It made me think there might be something else going on and they weren't telling me.  So I got Avery all ready and off we went, Danielle my sister in-law decided to join me. I'm so glad she did, since this was the start of a very frustrating evening. It was about 8pm when we got to the E.R. We checked in and since they new we were coming,  they brought us right back and did Avery's vitals. Then they sent us back out to the lobby to wait. 2 and 1/2 hours later we finally went to a room. I was still trying to figure out what the emergency was for us to be here. No one would give us a straight answer.  Every Dr. that came in was asking the same questions, Why is Avery here? Is she on oxygen? Does she have a feeding tube? Etc. It was decided by the Dr.'s that Avery was going to be admitted for her O2 sats dropping at night. Okay wait a minute, she is being admitted for something I told them after I got here, then what was the reason they called us to come down ASAP for.  It's now 2am and I am pissed. I am not leaving my child here. The next Dr. that came in was informed of my decision. Of course they had to read me the right act about how my child might turn blue in the middle of the night and I could have to call 911. I was willing to take the risk. This hospital was a joke. They did give me an antibiotic for the yeast and Avery has been great ever since. I'm glad I listened to my gut instinct.
I finally made it to my sister's the next day. How wonderful it was. She lives in San Juan Capistrano, a few miles from the beach. It was the vacation that should had started a week ago. I was finally able to enjoy myself. We spent a few hours playing in the sand, water and beach volleyball. Avery loved the water. Actually she did something she had never done before. I would put her feet in the water and let the waves hit them, she would get so excited, straighten her legs and stand. Of course, I was holding her under her arms but she was bearing the weight. So exciting to see her accomplishments. I am back up at my parents until tomorrow. I'm going to visit one my good friends. My trip is closing in. I am eager to get back home and see all my kids and husband too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

California Sun

The last couple weeks have been quite interesting. Where to begin. Lets start with last Saturday. I took Avery to the Dr's since she just hadn't been herself and I knew I was going to be flying to California on Tuesday to see my mom. So I wanted to make sure she was okay. Dr said she was fine. Sunday Avery didn't seem to be feeling well again, so Monday I took her back to the Dr's. They did a urine culture and trach culture. Tuesday I flew out of Detroit and landed in Ontario, California at 11pm. Avery did well on the plane, except when we landed her ears were hurting. By the time I got to my parents house and hooked up all of Avery's equipment it was 2am. Wednesday came and Avery was still not herself. She set off her pulsox machine several times throughout the night. I called her pediatrician and neurosurgeon in Michigan, they both suggested I take her in. So at 7pm I drove down to Loma Linda childrens hospital, which was an hour from my parents house. After several hours and an X-ray they discovered she had pneumonia. Her pediatrician from Michigan called a day later and said her cultures came back and she had psudomonas and strep. I'm glad I took her in when I did. Avery is a funny little girl, she doesn't  show typical signs of an infection, her behavior changes and she's fussy. So when the doctors see her they think she is fine until they do tests. Her pulsox machine has been going off everynight since and several times. I'm so confused as to what is going on with her. She is on a high dose of antibiotics, so she should be feeling better by now. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. It was nice being with my mom, brother and family. Tomorrow Avery and I are going to spend some time with my sister and her family in San Juan Capistrano.
                                                                 Cousin Sam and Avery
                                                              Sleepy Girl