Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camp Pendleton, the beach and Raging Waters!

                                          Madi and Lily on a body board in Laguna
                                                       Atticus playing in the sun
                                           Avery sucking her thumb
                                         Avery got to feel the sand on her feet
                                          Gage and Titan making a sand castle
                                          My sister and I at the beach
                                          Jeremy, Gage and Titan
                                          Atticus, Gage, Lily, and Madison
                                          Madison and Lily before Raging Waters
                                           Danielle and I before Raging Waters
Lily and Madi after they went down drop out.
We have been staying busy. Tuesday we headed to Oceanside to hit up a great little place called Colima's. Jeremy and I ate there once when we were dating, it is also a hot spot for  marines, great mexican food. Their burritos can feed 2-3 people. After that we took the kids to Camp Pendleton to see where their dad did his training while in the Marine Corps. They were so excited to see all the marines on base. We took them to the commisary to pick something out. Gage got a hat, Titan and Madi got a t-shirt that said MARINES across it and Lily my niece got a magnet with the Marine logo on it. After that we headed to my sisters house in Laguna and took the kids swimming. The next day we all went to the beach. We headed home about 1pm and stopped in Chino where I grew up. We showed the kids where I went to school and where I use to live, we then went and visited a good friend of mine named Barbi. We didn't get back to my parents house until about 9pm last night. This morning Danielle (sister in-law), Madison, Lily and I all headed to Raging Waters. We had so much fun. Jeremy kept the kids and everyone was in one piece when we got back, what a great day.

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