Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

We went up north to Jeremy's parents cabin for Memorial Weekend. We left on Thursday night and returned on Sunday. This was the first time we have traveled with Avery since her Trach. There was a lot of medical equipment, Ventilator, suction machine, pulsox machine, and replacement parts incase something broke. I was able to fit everything in an oversized duffle bag. We had a full load. Madi took a friend and our Black lab came too. Every seat in the van was filled, plus any leg room was taken up by Jersey(the dog). Jersey has never traveled with us before because she gets car sick. We had trouble finding someone to house sit, so we gave her dramamine and the ride was puke free! During our vacation Avery cut two teeth.We see two more getting ready to come through. The weather was so nice the kids were able to swim, play, fish, and paddle boat. It was a great time. We also celebrated Madison's 14th birthday, which happens to be today. Wow!

                                              Avery loves the swing

                                          Madi, Logan and Jersey enjoying the paddle boat
                                                        Gage and Titan coming down the slide


                                             Happy 14th Birthday big girl!!!!!!!!

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