Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good News

Yesterday Avery had an appointment with the Audiologist for another hearing test. As well as an appointment with the ENT. Her hearing test came back the same. Left ear is borderline normal and right ear has severe hearing loss. Her left ear will compensate for the right. As long as she continues to respond to us and her communication grows she will not need hearing aids. The ENT appointment was the one I was waiting for, of course the doctor was running 2 hours behind, but the news I got was well worth the wait.I had several questions about Avery's trache as well as her last sleep study. Dr.  looked over her sleep study and said that she only had 12 central apneas and over 200 obstructive. REALLY!!!! I was told from pulmonary that she still had central sleep apnea and they wanted her to keep her trache for another 18 months and then she would have another sleep study. Let me remind everyone that her first sleep study at 6 months old revealed 174 episodes of central sleep apnea in an hour. I would say she is doing pretty good!!!! I of course had DR. repeat himself 3 times, just to make sure I was hearing him correctly. Dr. checked Avery's throat and believes she has a narrow airway which would explain the gasping for air when her trache is capped. He also saw some fluid behind her right ear and is talking about putting tubes in. She is set to have a bronchoscopy on February 12th. What this means is if they can fix her airway then she will be able to get rid of the trache.

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