Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another day at U of M

Yesterday I spent the day at U of M. Avery had 4 appts throughout the day. First one was an ultrasound to see how her shunt was working, everything looked good. Next appt was with the neurologist. I had a few questions to ask him about Avery's hearing. I told him about her failing her hearing test and asked if it could be related to the chiari. He said that its unusual for it to be related to the chiari but not impossible. I asked what he thought could be done and he said we would have to wait and see, she is till so young still. She is growing quite fast and is now weighing 10 lbs 3 oz. Wow, I knew she was growing her clothes are getting tight. The next appt was with physical therapy. Dan worked on Avery's foot and gave me some more helpful tips on how to get her to hold her head up and push up with her arms and well as putting weight on her feet. Our last appt was with Occupational therepy, this was the first time I had met Dr Green and was very pleased, Avery has been so lucky to have such great doctors taking care of her. She looked over Avery and told me what I might expect to see in the next couple of years. Basically she said that we will work with Avery on walking but she may end up in a wheelchair. Some kids just don't have the drive to walk, so they choose a chair, and thats okay. She wanted me to know this because some parents don't accept that their kids can't walk.  Anyhow, I'm not going to lie the conversation was a little discuraging, but the best part of the day, was when we left. On our way out we saw a girl and her mom sitting on a bench by the elevator. Her mom looked at Avery and said, "Oh she has a shunt too." She was referring to her daughter. Come to find out her 13 year old daughter has spina bifida too and its in the same place as Averys. We sat there and talked for over an hour about everything. This little girl showed me all her scars and I showed her Averys, she also walks. Once again, God has shown me who's in control, its not me and its not the doctors, its him. Tonight we are leaving for a week to go up north, its going to be so nice, not doctors appts. Yayyyyyy.

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