Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 16

Avery was moved to the peds floor yesterday afternoon. I got to watch them switch out her trach to one that would accomodate her chunky chin. She is much happerier. I will be staying with her now until she comes home. This morning she woke with a fever, so they ordered blood work, x-ray and urine. Looking like its a urinary trach infection. Better than a lung problem. Jeremy and I will start our training tomorrow. Hope all goes well. My goal is to learn this all as quickly as possible, so I can get her home. Of course thats if we are able to get this new house.Thank you all for your prayers and support, we couldn't do it without you.

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  1. Amber, Aunt Brenda here. Don't forget you can contact me..I will help if I can. Keeping you all in prayer.