Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Avery is home!

Avery came home yesterday. She is doing great. Glad this was a short stay at the hospital. As much as I love seeing all the nurses and doctors that love on Avery, I would much rather have her home. Jeremy and I are so used to her ventilator running at night, it was hard to sleep with her not there. We were have tempted to turn it on. She is on oral cipro and gentamiacin wash used in her bladder. Plus nyastatin for the thrush that the antibiotics cause. We'll get her fixed up in no time. So happy to have her smiling face at home.
                                                           Waiting to be discharged
                                                              Still waiting!
                                                                     Titan's monster cake

The night Avery went into the hospital was the same day we had Titan's 5th birthday party. It was great! We typically wouldn't do parties at our house, because before it was to small. It was nice to entertain and have everyone comfortable( Loving our new house). Titan wanted a monster cake for his birthday. I found one on pinterest and it turned out super cute. I love pinterest, such great ideas.

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