Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Monday, January 16, 2012

Enjoying my time at home

                                           Avery, Madi, and her BFF Logan

Dresser someone gave us
Same dresser with a little paint

We are loving our new home. We are still so excited about living in such a nice house. There are many boxes to go through still, but we'll get there. Avery has 3 appointments this week, physical therepy, eye exam and pulmonary, so it will be busy. Our oldest daughter is having some issues with a girl at school. After several mean texts from this girl and awful language. She expressed how she wishes Madi's sister would die. Seriously who says that!!!!  Of course Jeremy and I will be at the school tomorrow to resolve this. Kids can be bullied so many different ways now that its hard as a parent to monitor.  We have had several people give us old furniture to fill our new house. This was one of my favorites.

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  1. So awesome love love the dresser! AS far as Maddie I am so sorry to hear that! Kids can be so cruel it's awful :( Good luck mama