Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Friday, January 20, 2012

Good news at all of Avery's appt's

Avery had 3 appt's this week. Tuesday she had physical therapy and occupational therapy. They come out to the house once a week. Wednesday she had her vision checked again. Her left eye that had become lazy after  surgery,  has corrected itself. I asked him about her eyes and how sometimes they look crossed. He said she is not cross eyed. The bridge of her nose is wide and flat, so it appears that way. As she grows this will change. He showed me how if you point a flash light in her eyes, the dot of light should be in the center of each eye, if its not then thats how you can tell if she's cross eyed. I also asked him about another Dr. telling me she was farsighted. He told me that all babies are a little farsighted at first. So her eyes are normal. YAY!!!!! Thursday we went to Vent Clinic at U of M. Her appt was 3 hours. She saw 7 different people. 3 from pulmonary, neurosurgy, social work, nutrician, and occupational therapy. Now thats a way to do an appt. They were all amazed at how well she is growing and progressing. They don't want to see her for a couple months. This week has been great!!!

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  1. What an amazing week! So happy for you mama:)

    Colleen Kolb