Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 38

Well today was eventful. Jeremy and I started our day with meeting  a home nurse to care for Avery when she comes home. This meeting did not go so well. This person informed us that he smokes and will be taking smoke breaks, and has fallen asleep before while on duty but has always heard the ventilator alarms. How reasurring!!!! Of course we won't be having this person come to our home again. If there is anyone who knows an RN that might be interested in taking care of a little girl at night please let me know. I think the hardest part about Avery's care, is that we will have a stranger in the house. I know eventually we will find a nurse that we fall in love with and will become a part of our family.  I went to the hospital to find our about Avery's MRI, while Jeremy took another load over to the new house. I spoke with one of the residents about the MRI. She told me that Avery had a tethered cord as well as a fluid filled cyst that was flattening her spinal cord. The cyst is about 3 inches long. Of course I asked if she could still go home tomorrow. She couldn't give me an answer. Avery's neurosurgeon was contacted and will make the final decision tomorrow.

It's funny how I was convinced today that God new I couldn't  handle anymore, I needed a break. So the news from the MRI was going to be good and Avery would come home tomorrow. This wasn't the case, I am so tired, I feel this is all finally catching up with me.

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