Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting for life to slow down a bit

Where to begin. Lets start with my little bean, Avery. Today she woke with a fever, I called the doctor and they had me bring her in. Her appointment ended with a UTI and some antibiotics. She is still not her self. I haven't seen her smile since her surgery and she has the sweetest smile. Its so nice to have everyone home, we are enjoying our new house and all the room it has. The kids like to play hide and go seek. We have been trying to get everything organized, our house, our bills, changing our address, selling our other house, gettting it cleaned so the other movers can move in and getting our kids registered at their new schools. Everything has been going smoothly except getting the kids into school.
                                             I miss these smiles!
                                                          After her back surgery, still very swollen
                                                    Decorated Avery's room
You would think that would be the easiest. Well it turns out not to be true. When Jeremy and I went to the administration office to get paper work we were told what elementary school Gage would go to. We were pleased, as this was the closest school to our house. When we brought the paper work back we were told  he would be going to a different school. We asked why and were told a problem came up. After a few more questions we found out that an ex-family member who's daughter goes to this school(our niece) told the school horrible things about Jeremy and I and did not want Gage at that school. So the school decided they would just move Gage to a different school without talking to us or even meeting with us. After phone conversations with the principle and the superintendent we have decided to seek legal counsel. Just when I thought we were going to get a break, now we have this to deal with.

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