Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Friday, December 23, 2011

Great way to start the day

                                            Finally, happy girl!
                                                           Another battle wound

Avery is finally starting to feel better, she gave me a big smile this morning. Oh, how she melts my heart. I recieved a phone call from Avery's pediatrician yesterday with the results from her urine culture. It showed a bacteria called psudomonas. This is one of the more severe bacteria's for a young child and the only thing to treat it with is Cipro. This drug isn't recommended for children under 18, as it can cause joint and muscle damage.  They were considering putting her back in the hospital. I was upset I really want Avery's first Christmas to be at home with her family. The doctor called back late afternoon and said she could stay at home but had to be monitored closely.  I was so thankful. This morning is the first time I have finally seen her getting back to her old self.

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