Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just an update

           This is Nicole, who works at U of M. She was also diagnosed with spina bifida when she was born
                          This is the cast she had only for the weekend, after they took off the other cast.
                                This is Doctor Buchman of plastic surgery who helped in closing Avery's back
                                                        Great Grandpa Max with baby Avery
                                                     Great Grandma Dollie with baby Avery

Spending lots of time at U of M for physical therapy. I will probably be there everyday this week, so I can learn to wrap Avery's foot and learn the stretching and massaging techniques. We are also working with her on development as well, she should be holding her head up better than she is. As far as her hearing goes, left message with neorology and waiting to hear back. Wanting to know what the next step is. Here are a couple pictures of last week.

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