Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pulmonary appt

Today Avery had her pulmonary appt. to check and see how her breathing was. They hooked her up to a monitor to check the oxygen in her blood, she stayed at 100% for 30 minutes. That is great, except they can still see she is having periodic breathing. She also snorts a lot when she is on the oxygen, so tomorrow the are doing an ultrasound of her throat, to make sure there is nothing being blocked.  We will then have another ultrasound done on her head and see the neurologist after that. Another full day at U of M. I am a bit frustrated about the oxygen situation. They told me they want to keep her on th oxygen for another couple months, until they can get her in for a sleep study to see if there are any other things causing the periodic breathing. The problem I have with this is i can't seem to keep the oxygen in her nose, because she pulls it out. They suggested putting socks on her hands, which I will give it a try but I don't think that will hold Avery back from pulling it out. Every morning I wake up her oxygen tube is under her chin. A lot of good that is doing. I wish the doctors would monitor her for 24 hours to see if the oxygen level in her blood drops, if it doesn't she really doesn't need the oxygen. Periodic breathing is common in newborns and if there oxygen saturations are good they don't need the oxygen. Ok I know I'm not the doctor, but its so frustrating.

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