Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All pretty in her pink hat

                        Avery's name tag, Madi helped me put this together with her scrapbooking stuff.
                                                                        Sleepy Girl
                                                                Look at my new pink hat
                                                                Her back looks so good
                                                                 I love my paci

Avery is doing so well, She got her IV taken out of her head, the bandage on her back was taken off, and her drain tube was pulled out, too.  She only has her feeding tube and catheter. They have told us that we can't hold her again, because they don't want her back to be under any stress. Her back looks really good and they have hopes that the skin will make it. So she continues to remain on her tummy, she is finally taking a bottle and is taking 12cc at a time, she needs to get up to 33cc at each feeding with a bottle. She is moving her toes on both feet, how  fantastic. She is so strong and such a trooper.


  1. What an amazing blessing! Amber you are so inspirational how strong you seem! We will continue to pray for her journey!

  2. What great news, Amber! Glad to hear little Avery is doing so well :D

  3. Thinking about you guys often. Little Avery is so adorable. Hang in there and make sure you continue to take care of yourself too. Hugs from grand rapids!