Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally got to hold my girl

Today I was on a mission. I was at the hospital by 8:30am to catch all the doctors when they made their rounds. I had a list of questions. I was able to speak with urology, neurology, plastic surgeon, and physical therapy, plus I was able to hold my little girl again. I was fulfilled. From urology I found out that Avery's urine is backing up into her kidneys, so she will be put on an antibiotic to see if it helps. From the neurologist I found out that Avery will most likely need a shunt put in for the hydrocephalus. The hydrocephalus isn't that bad right now, but everyday there is a little more swelling in her ventricles. She also has a Chiari malformation which is when part of the cerebellum is located below the foramen magnum.This can cause gagging and choking when she eats as well as trouble breathing, so far she is not showing signs of this, but the chiari can be seen on the MRI. When I saw the plastic surgeon I wanted to know about Avery's back. He told me that the dark skin on Avery's back will probably not make it. It will scab and peel off and new skin will grow. We will have to keep it bandaged for awhile and she has to remain on her tummy for 3 weeks. No pressure can be put on her back, after 3 weeks we will be able to put her on her back for like 15 minutes at a time throughout the day. The time on her back will increase after that. The one question that I have been wondering is when can I bring my baby home. Well, she is a preemie, so she has a few things that she needs to accomplish before she comes home. She needs to be eating on her own, right now she is being tubed fed and I can start nursing part of the time if she has enough energy. The other is weight gain.

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