Avery's Family

Avery's Family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 12

I arrived today at 9:30am so I could be here for Avery's 10am feeding, the last couple days I have been staying most of the day, so I can nurse her at each feeding which is every 3 hours. She is doing quite well. Its funny how each nurse that we have has had there own way of doing things, some are very proactive with kangaroo care and nursing and others are not. I have to put my foot down sometimes.
                                                         her back is looking so good

                                                                Snoozing after her feeding

Avery has has a little set back. On her foot that is clubbed, they have been massaging it and stretching it. Physical therapy is in everyday to see how its doing, well it was doing so good they thought they would put a brace on it to help keep it straight, it was only on one day. Yesterday when I came in Avery had another IV put in and was given antibiotics because the brace was rubbing and caused a open sore as well as cellulitis. They are keeping a close eye on it now. She is also desating, which means that there is a decrease in the percentage of oxygen found in the circulationg blood supply.  She has been having desats all along, but they got really low last night, which makes me think it could be an infection, especially with how her foot looks. I will ask the doctor as soon as they make their rounds today.

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